Barcelona – Spain
October 26 and 27, 2021

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The Summit

The Coronavirus has been absolutely disruptive and has changed the economic, social and political landscape. The World Bank predicts a global fall in PIB of over 5.2%, the largest since the post-war period in 1945. Spain has experienced a 11% fall in GDP (Growth domestic product), which is one of the most drastic drops the country has experienced in the last century.

The decline in the economy is mainly impacting the service industry and, in particular, the tourism sector. In Spain itself, the fall is estimated to be close to eight billion euros, representing a 64.7% drop compared to the previous year. ESTA estimates worldwide losses of more than 150 billion euros.

The tourism sector in Spain and the rest of the world will face enormous challenges, which will require real leadership to find solutions; the Advanced Leadership Foundation and the Incyde Foundation propose a World Summit to discuss the future challenges facing the global economy in the short, medium and long term, bringing together some of the most influential leaders and institutions in order to envision the future.

The Future Of Tourism

The “FUTURE OF TOURISM WORLD SUMMIT” has the main goal of identifying solutions for the tourism industry’s future, not only in Spain but also in the rest of the world.

The result will be the Barcelona Declaration, where the world’s leading authorities and players in the world of tourism will be committed to a number of actions to protect and promote post-COVID tourism.

This Summit, which will have a hybrid format (on-site/online), will confront ideas, foster debates, discuss the current situation and analyze pragmatic examples on how to face our new reality. As part of the Summit, a call will be launched for 300 líderes to gather online to take on the commitment of replicating and sharing the knowledge and experience garnered during the Summit, as well as seeking new signatories to the Barcelona Declaration.

The Summit will be carried out with the collaboration of a wide variety of international organizations, business associations, companies and knowledge networks worldwide.

These include:

The World Tourism Organization (OMT); the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB); the International Youth Organization (OIJ); the Organization of American States (OAS); the International Labor Organization (ILO); the European Commission (EC); former heads of state and government officials; and Nobel Prize laureates.

It will also include the participation of Ministers of Tourism from around the world, sharing the different public policies being implemented.

This Summit demands leadership.
The City of Barcelona can be positioned as an international leader
and a world reference.


As part of the Summit, a call will be launched for 300 leaders to gather online to take on the commitment of replicating and sharing the knowledge and experience garnered during the Summit, as well as seeking new signatories to the Barcelona Declaration.

  1. Result

    The final result of this Summit will be the Barcelona Declaration on Post-Covid Tourism, which will serve as an international benchmark for the rest of the world, for decades to come. The participants will sign this declaration and, in the future, will seek continuity and cooperation on the part of the most relevant actors in the international tourism field.


    In order to fulfill this commitment, and as part of the “FUTURE OF TOURISM WORLD SUMMIT”, a call for 300 leaders, who will be  trained online during the Summit and will have the commitment to replicate the knowledge learned, as well as to look for new signatories of the Barcelona Declaration.

  1. Selecction

    The leaders selected will assume the commitment to obtain at least 5 signatory entities to the Barcelona Declaration and promote the knowledge gathered at the Summit, taking advantage of any opportunity to spread spread the word during the following twelve months.

  2. Agreements

    ALF and the INCYDE Foundation will make agreements with academic centers and universities, foreign governments, international organizations and other institutions to promote the call for applications and to select the most qualified candidates.

  3. Leadership

    Barcelona stands to be at the center of the global tourism debate for decades ahead as it takes the lead to protect the industry not only in the region and country, but worldwide.

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Main areas



The cities’ and regions’ leadership as a driver for the recovery of tourism.


International cooperation as a key to tourism recovery.


Cultural and natural attributes that make a region an attractive option for promotion abroad.


Demand pull: a new value of time and place for sustainable tourism destinations.


Reinvention and new trends in MICE tourism. (Business tourism)


From overtourism to regenerative, ecological and sustainable tourism.


Customized attention and the application of new technologies in the tourism industry.

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